Monthly & On-Demand Craft Boxes

Fun for ages 7-14

Each month, Honeybee Arts delivers fun and immersive crafts that are perfect for independent play, mommy-and-me time, family craft nights, and more.  Not ready to commit to a monthly subscription? Purchase a Honeybee Art Box On Demand, as a gift item, play date activity, home school activity, supplemental arts activity, and more.  Plus, you and your child gets complimentary month-to-month access to the Honeybee Arts Virtual Academy, which provides additional art training and creative skill-building.

What's Inside?

Get a new craft kit to your mailbox every month, plus month-to-month complimentary access to the Honeybee Arts Virtual Academy

  • Crafting Fun At Home

    Supplies for each fun and immersive activity are mailed to your home, with virtual access to corresponding craft tutorials online. Great for independent learning, family craft nights, mommy-and-me-time, play dates, birthday activities, and more.

  • Creativity Training

    Students will view several multicultural videos surrounding the meaning and importance of creativity. Optional quizzes and weekly design challenges are available, and students can qualify for entry into an art competition upon completion of the course.

  • Skill Building

    Your child will learn about the various elements and principles of art and design through experiential learning. Students will learn ideation techniques and have the option of producing 75+ original drawings, creating fun and vibrant paintings from observation, and more!

  • Learn at your own pace!

    Subscribe to receive your Honeybee Art Box without service disruption, or purchase a box whenever you like! New craft boxes are available each month. Progress through the lessons at your own pace and learn at home on your schedule.

Monthly Crafts & Virtual Academy Curriculum

New craft tutorials uploaded every month + virtual course curriculum

Honeybee Art Box

Each box contains 3-4 activities with supplies. Instructional videos for each craft are found in the online Virtual Academy.