Through these lessons, learners age 8 and above will:

  • Learn To Paint From Observation

    Learners will create 5 paintings from instructional videos with verbal guidance, and observational videos with instrumental music. Plus, learners can hone their skills with 2 bonus instructional videos.

  • Boost Creative Thinking

    Children will boost creative thinking skills by solving visual problems, and applying what they've learned to create their own custom artwork.

  • Free Assessment

    Submit photos of your child's artwork if you'd like an assessment of their skill level, as well as helpful feedback for strengthening and improving specific skills.

  • Try Before You Buy

    Checkout a free easy-to-follow lesson on blending when you create an account for free.

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  • Avilda Whittmore

    Executive Director

    Avilda Whittmore

    Avilda is a visual artist and mother of 2 who has owned and operated an art-based party entertainment business since 2011. When she's not painting herself, literally, she uses her talents to help people of all ages become living canvases through face and body painting, as well as budding artists through mobile art parties and workshops. Now, she's using her love for creativity and connection to help learners expand their artistic abilities, become visual problem solvers, and have FUN learning to paint online. For more information, visit